About the Club

The Westfield Rotary Club, formed in 2009, enjoys local recognition as a strong, reliable community supporter. Comprised of community and business leaders, the Club enjoys a steady membership of 30+.  Our service focus is the children of Hamilton County. 

We honor our country


Focusing on needs in our community, the men and women of the Westfield Rotary Club lead, connect and cooperate with other individuals, clubs and organizations to serve the children of Hamilton County.


We are dedicated to fostering the growth of our leadership network and leveraging our connections to serve our neighbors especially the children of Hamilton County.

By developing an extensive leadership network, we increase the effectiveness of other organizations by leading the creation of projects to complement and even amplify their efforts to enrich our community. In turn, these efforts help expand the strength and reputation of our club and our network for an even bigger future impact, enabling a self-perpetuating cycle of growth through generosity. 

Our group of men and women from business, civic and other leadership positions enhances the lives of our neighbors and their children by . . .

  • Actively seeking to understand those in need
  • Vigorously sustaining major fund raising projects to substantially impact those we serve
  • Encouraging the growth and development of young people through scholarships and service opportunities
  • Connecting our members to leadership throughout the area
  • Connecting and cooperating with multiple organizations including other area Rotary clubs to leverage our combined strengths for greater mutual benefit
  • Motivating and supporting emerging leaders by engaging them in and teaching them through our service efforts.

We anticipate strong membership growth as the North Indy Metro area emerges as a world-class center of business and community activity. Our members love to participate in our service projects and our many social events to continually enhance our friendships and our reputation: SERVICE ABOVE SELF.

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