The Great American Eclipse

July 2017
By: Christian Espinoza

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Open Doors Food Pantry

February 2016
By: Christian Espinoza
  • Each year Rotarians provide assistance to the Open Doors Pantry with their Spring Cleaning Basket program. They run the program, and volunteer in a variety of ways to help provide needed cleaning supplies to the Pantry's clients. These products cannot be purchased with Food Stamps or other Government Assistance programs, so this represents a significant savings to those clients. Below is a list of the cleaning products we are collecting. These can be dropped off at the Pantry at 110 Jersey St., downtown Westfield and Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday from 9:00 to noon throughout the month of March.
    • Supplies Needed:
      Dish Towels  SOS Soap Pads  Dish Soap  All purpose cleaner (PineSol)  Soft Scrub 
      Sponges  Large Laundry Detergent  Scouring Powder  Toilet Bowl Cleaner  Murphy's Oil Soap 
      Scrub Pads  Fabric Softener  All purpose wipes  Bathroom Spray Cleaner  Paper Towels 
      Scrub Sponges  Bleach  Disinfectant Wipes  Window Cleaner   

Historical Society Museum

February 2017
By: Christian Espinoza
  • Westfield Rotarians again rose to the occasion when help was needed by the Historical Society to move their Museum from its’ home in the Old Fire Station to its’ new home in the City Hall building. Boxes of artifacts, files, and supplies along with mannequins, crates, display cases, and a variety of other things, were loaded into cars, trucks, and SUVs, and hauled to the new site. Rotarians can be counted on to lend a hand when a need arises in Westfield.

Midwest Food Bank

January 3, 2017
By: Christian Espinoza
  • In place of a regular meeting, Westfield Rotarians provided their service at the Midwest Food Bank in Indianapolis, picking up and loading orders for food pantry agencies from all over the state. Club members have been working at the food bank regularly since the founding of the club.

Christmas at Rotary

December 2016
By: Christian Espinoza
  • Santa (President Dave Mueller) visited the Rotary Club of Westfield with goodies for everyone. Elves, Cindy Olson and Stacy Young, really got into the festive spirit. The Group ended the meeting with some lively singing of Christmas carols.